Cool dating tip

Get thatwrong and the creep label is all yours for the taking.#2 Getting the signals right. Specifically, the eye contact that you, the gentleman, establishes has to be of the right caliber and by this I am referring to duration. It shows confidence and strength of character, as well as purpose.

There’s a bit of an art to interpreting the signals given off by a woman to indicate whether she is open to a bit of flirting, and we’re not going to get it right every time. However, locking eye contact without pause or break is more reminiscent of Jack the Ripper than Jack the lad.

Getting them wrong can catapult you in people’s perceptions from harmless gent to potential sociopath, in a matter of seconds. Establishing a sensory barrier such as putting headphones or sunglasses.#3 Don’t make assumptions .



Keep your conversation polite and any innuendos, subtle and infrequent.#8 Don’t block or tackle.

However, there are usually occasions when it really is better just to desist. In this situation, she’s more likely to reach for a can of mace than her telephone number! Wearing a short skirt or red lipstick is a fashion choice and no more than that.

Being a charmer rather than a creep has a lot to do with approaching a woman who wants to be approached in an environment and manner that is absolutely non-threatening. Assuming that a woman is up for a bit of hanky-panky on the basis of her dress sense alone puts you firmly in creepy territory – if not beyond.#4 Eye contact.

Whether this is throwing an arm across a doorway to stop her getting through while he chats her up, and this is used a lot by charmers in movies but a real no-go in real life, blocking her exit with the whole body or actually using physical force to hold her back is not just creepy, it’s practically assault. Your ears are the best weapons you have in your flirting armory after your ability to interpret body language.


Don’t exactly follow her lead, as that might look a bit weak-willed, but do listen carefully to what she has to say, not just the content, but the manner in which she delivers it.

On the contrary if you keep flirting and switch relationship and people often, you will lose your credibility.


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